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    Visitor structure

    The meeting place of decision makers

    At CosmeticBusiness Poland, you will only meet decision makers of the international cosmetics industry. This sector meeting place is the most important source of information and buying platform for cosmetics companies in Poland and its neighbouring countries.

    Details Trade Visitors are available below for download.

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    Selected visitors at CosmeticBusiness Poland 2018

    AA Cosmetics, Adex Cosmetics, AETERNUM, Afterbarber.pl, Allverne, Allvernum, AMBERRAY, APN Cosmetics, AS Cosmetics Service, AVA Laboratorium, AVEBIO, AVON, AYA Raw Nature, BANDI Cosmetics, BARLON, Basel Olten Pharm, Bell, Belle Jardin Cosmetics, Biedronka, BIELENDA, Biogened, Bishojo, BluxCosmetics, Buna, Celia, Chantal, Charmine Rose, Chromavis, CLARENA, Colep, Colgate-Palmolive, Coloris Cosmetics, Corine de Farme, DAX COSMETICS, Delia Cosmetics, DERMEDIC, DERMISS, DLA Kosmetyki, dottore Cosmeceutici, Dr Grehen, Dr Irena Eris, Dr Retter, Dr Sante, ELFA Pharm, Equalan Pharma, Euphora, EVELINE COSMETICS, evian, evrée, FARMONA, Fitomed, FLOSLEK Laboratorium, Forte Sweden, Global Cosmed Group, Green Pharmacy, Grupa INCO, HADA LABO, TOKYO, hagi cosmetics, Harper Hygienics, HERBAL CARE, HERLA, INESSANCE, Jeronimo Martins, Joanna, Krystyna Janda, Laboratorium DLA, LAFEMME Professionel, LAURA CONTI, Lecher Professional, LF Cosmetics, ludwik, Madonis, Mill Clean, MINCER, MINISTERSTWO Dobrego Mydła, MOKOSH COSMETICS, MPS International, Mrs. Potter's, Naturativ, Naturella Laboratorium, NEURONICA, Nuco Creative Color Solutions, OCEANIC, O'Herbal, ON LINE, OnlyBio, ORIFLAME, Orkla Care, Over Europe, PAESE, Passage Cosmetics Laboratory, PERFECT BEAUTY, Perfecta, Pixie Cosmetics, Pollena eva, Pollena-Ewa, PROSALON, QUIZ COSMETICS, RADICAL, 'Romantic , SERPOL Cosmetics, solvea, Stara Mydlarnia, Tesco, tolpa, Torf Corporation, UNIA, Unilever, V. Laboratories, VELVETIC, Venita Salon, VERONA PRODUCTS PROFESSIONAL, Vis Plantis, vitea, YONELLE, YOSKINE, Ziaja

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